ONE 5 Systems Project

It is an open  project in which we propose to apply a new  systemic model to various fields of science. These include medical and biological sciences, ecology, sociology, political sciences and business management.

It is an invitation to collaborate , to enrich and promote the evolution of current paradigms towards a new systemic approach , more inclusive and effective in the different areas of human activity.

“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.


Albert Szent Gyorgyi

Areas of Interest

These are the research fields we are focusing on


We are aiming to understand how free Gibbs energy contributes to the creation/sustainability and order/fluxes of the human multilevel electromagnetic field.


Searching for systems strategies that increase levels of order and promote better states of behaviour and return to optimal previous conditions.


Facing the endless sea of variables we look at define which variables really are large regulatory nodes based on a new Model of Systems Organization and Function.

Our Advisory Board

The visionaries that help us shape the future


Fritjof Capra PhD

Jeff bland

Jeffrey Bland PhD


Jan Van Der Greef PhD


Antonio Glez Griego PhD



A medical initiative applying our systemic model

AWARE . Systemic Medicine Center

It is the first medical facility to apply this new systemic model in the assessment , the collection of data for the clinical history and the therapeutics.

    Get In Touch

    If you are interested in our research lines and/or want to know more about our project please drop us a few lines and we´ll be happy to get back to you